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a year ago
(Translated by Google) I bought a baby female Mini Lop, she has been with us for almost twenty days. She is very docile, affectionate and naughty, she adapted super quickly and already feels at home, getting up to mischief and exploring the environment. From the first contact with Patricia do Paraíso dos Coelhos, I received very good service, she answered all my questions and gave me all the assistance I needed. Although I've had a rabbit before, this is the first time I've dealt with such a baby. I had a recommendation from the veterinarian where I took my first animal, who told me that the animals from these breeders are of good origin. We are very happy and in love with our little Pearl who is already part of the family. 🐰♥️ (Original) Comprei uma bebê fêmea da raça Mini Lop, fazem quase vinte dias que ela está conosco. Ela é muito dócil, carinhosa e sapeca, se adaptou super rápido e já se sente em casa, aprontando estripulias e explorando o ambiente. Desde o primeiro contato c...
- leticia f
a year ago
(Translated by Google) I've had several rodents, from hamsters to rats! But when I decided to have a mini rabbit, I couldn't find breeders in my region, where in famous name stores I've had colleagues with bad experience with fake breeds of mini rabbits... I looked for breeders through Instagram when I was about to give up, I found paradise!! (Literally lol) I immediately contacted them and it was amazing, they were very attentive, they provided all the support until my bunny was removed, you can see that the bunnies are very well raised and are very sweet!! I don't regret taking my baby with them, after all, it's just joy and affection with such a warm and affectionate pet! Just thank you for finding them and today having my little Astrid 🐰💙 (Original) Já tive diversos roedores, desde hamsters até ratos! Mas quando decidi ter um mini coelho não encontrava criadores por minha região, onde em lojas de nome famosas já tive colegas com má experiência com falsa raça de mini coelhos.....
- Palloma H
a year ago
(Translated by Google) I discovered Paraíso dos Coelhos through Google. I was looking for breeders near the city where I live and as soon as Paraíso dos Coelhos appeared, I started following them on Instagram and saw that the veterinarian who takes care of my pets liked the photos. I contacted him and he immediately said that it was super reliable and that I could buy it safely. That's what I did, I got in touch and received SUPER good service. Patrícia is extremely attentive, explains everything clearly and after booking my baby, she sent photos and talked to me. The day I went to pick up Luna, she gave me a lot of attention, guided me on some points and you could see the love with which she creates these passionate beings. I highly recommend it and certainly if I purchase another rabbit in the future, it will be at Paraíso dos Coelhos. Congratulations on your work Patricia!!! (Original) Conheci o Paraíso dos Coelhos através do Google. Estava procurando criadores perto da cidade o...
- Vania C

Mini Coelhos

Somos Criadores especializados em Mini coelhos e Coelhos anões desde 2006.
Estamos situados no litoral de são paulo (São vicente),onde somos pioneiros na criação desses animais. 
Trabalhamos com as raças de melhor temperamento.
Damos assistência total pós venda,esse é o nosso maior diferencial, 

                    Paraiso dos Coelhos  
Criando com amor e dedicação desde 2006

Aguardo por vocês 🐇🐰💙❤

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